Professor:Kanehiro Kitayama
Associate Prof.:Naoya Osawa

Research Associates

Yoshimi Sawada:Study in the FSC ecosystem-servise certification./ Forest regeneration in relation to logging intensity in loewland tropical rain forests.

PhD Candidates

Hiroki Ito: The effects of aggregation on survival and growth rate in the wood-feeding cockroach Panesthia angustipennis spadica
Mizuho Tatsuno: The pollination systems of Eurya japonica and Eurya emerginata, flowering in cool temperature
Gaku Amada: Adaptive significance of leaf trichomes in Metrosideros polymorpha in Hawaii
Keito Kobayashi : Study on the vigorous vegetative growth and sexual reproduction of bamboo species in Japan
Hiroki Taga: Nitrogen requirement of xylem of conifer
Ryuichi Takeshige: Undestanding the secondary succession processes in logged-over Bornean tropical rainforests and evaluate the resilience in the landscape scale
Qin Qianning: Relationships between vegetation degradation and soil carbon stocks in a tropical production forest

Masters Program

Unkan Yo: The mechanism underlying the parallel evolution of evergreen and deciduous leaf types
Tomoki Ikeda: The effect of the wood density on its shape or strength
Mami Nobusawa: Distribution of pioneer trees, Neolamarckia and Macaranga, in tropical lowland forest at Sabh, Malaysia
Jiang Linzi: Changes of soil-microbial activities in a forest-degradation trajectory of logged-over tropical rain forests in Borneo
Masami Kiko: The responses of bird assemblages to landscape-scale extents of conifer plantation forest
Mayu Sasaki: Factors affecting net soil nitrogen mineralization rates in Japanese forest ecosystems
Akiho Segi:

Undergraduate Program

Ryosuke Kosaka:
Yuta Sasaki: Difference of biodiversity evaluation in forest certification - comparative study between FSC and MTCC in Malaysia
Mikihito Noguchi:Temporal variation of soil fungal and bacterial communities in grassland soils
Chika Mizukami: Phosphorus-use Characteristics and Soil Phosphatase Activity of a Quercus serrata Forest Established on Granite Soils